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2021 Conference Sponsor: Eloquest Healthcare

Eloquest Healthcare, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferndale Pharma Group, Inc. that is focused specifically on serving hospitals, their healthcare practitioners, and patients. Eloquest Healthcare helps deliver safer, more compassionate care by providing intuitive, cost-effective solutions that aid in the prevention of hospital acquired infections.


We care about the care you deliver. That’s why we are committed to reducing hospital acquired infections and increasing patient satisfaction.


Providing products that make it easier for caregivers/patients to improve patient health and comfort is a key component to our philosophy. Our products are backed by evidence that proves they will lead to improved outcomes.

Relevant Products

ReliaTect is a sterile, post-operative dressing consisting of a polyurethane film, coated with a transparent chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) acrylic adhesive.

  • 99% (4-log) reduction of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and yeast for up to 7 days
  • Visualization of the incision for monitoring without dressing removal
  • Waterproof
  • Absorption of light-to-moderate exudate, blood, and perspiration
  • Easy application
  • Thin profile conforms to body contours
  • Non-irritating, non-cytotoxic, and non-sensitizing

Detachol is a non-irritating adhesive remover used to aid in the removal of dressings, tapes, and most sticky residue from the skin.

Detachol makes dressing removal safer:

  • Reduces risk of Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injury (MARSI)³
  • Reduces patient pain and discomfort
  • Completely removes adhesive residue, which may harbor bacteria¹
  • Quickly and easily removes adhesive to save healthcare professional time
  • Non-irritating, alcohol/ acetone-free formulation does not irritate or dry the skin
  • Compatible with chlorahexidine gluconate (CHG)

Mastisol is a liquid medical adhesive used to secure dressings, tapes, and certain medical devices over an extended period of time.

Use of Mastisol offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced likelihood of dressing displacement and device dislodgement⁴
  • Minimized risk of device-related infection by creating a lasting occlusive barrier.⁵
  • Improved nurse efficiency with reduced time associated with unplanned dressing changes.⁸
  • Versatility to improve the adhesive power of a variety of adhesive tapes, dressings and, devices.³
  • Compatible with chlorahexidine gluconate (CHG)⁷
  • Low risk of adverse reactions and latex-free⁴
For More Information

Dayna Lanning, Territory manager
phone: 248-915-4702

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